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About Us

Welcome To Miller's HealthMart Pharmacy

At Miller’s HealthMart Pharmacy, we are committed to elevating your healthcare experience. With a focus on compounding, our skilled pharmacists tailor medications to meet your unique needs. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized, high-quality care, ensuring your well-being is our top priority.

From innovative solutions like Parata Pass to a comprehensive range of services, we strive to exceed expectations. Trust us as your dedicated neighborhood pharmacy, where health and excellence converge for a brighter, healthier future.

Your Trusted Health Solution Partner

Your health journey matters. Experience personalized care, innovative solutions, and a dedicated commitment to your well-being at Miller’s HealthMart Pharmacy.

Personalized Care

Tailored medications and expert guidance ensure your unique health needs are prioritized.

Innovative Solutions

Explore advanced services like Parata Pass, delivering precision in medication management.

Commitment to Well-being

We go beyond expectations, providing comprehensive care and support for your brighter, healthier future.
Reviews of Our Valued Patients
Wilma ConnellWilma Connell
14:05 19 Mar 24
I find the outstanding service and attention to care at our nearby Miller’s Health Mart compounding pharmacy to be truly remarkable. From the warm, personalized greetings to the thorough and friendly guidance from the pharmacists, every visit is a positive experience. Their commitment to quality is evident in the top-notch medications and health products they offer, ensuring that I always feel confident in their recommendations. Whether filling a prescription or seeking advice, I trust this pharmacy to deliver unparalleled service and expertise, making them an invaluable resource for our community's healthcare needs. Highly recommended.
Larry FLarry F
23:53 18 Feb 24
I received a prescription order in a speedy time frame so I'm think of transferring all my prescription from my old pharmacy to Miller's for now on.
Kathy KaffenbergerKathy Kaffenberger
18:44 17 Dec 23
Excellent pharmacy!!
Brandy BucknerBrandy Buckner
12:36 05 Nov 23
My hometown pharmacy! I’ve been with Millers for many many years. I love supporting local businesses!
14:05 27 May 23
Very friendly pharmacy. Remembers my name. Helpful and found the least expensive option for me. I driven across town for years to continue to go here. It’s the best pharmacy in Vero.
Diane TibaldiDiane Tibaldi
22:25 29 Mar 22
My experience with Miller's Health Mart Pharmacy was as negative an experience as I have ever had dealing with a pharmacy. After speaking with the owner, Doug Miller, I was astounded that any business owner/pharmacist could be so rude to a customer. They radically overcharged for a compound that is not covered by Medicare therefore there is no way to compare as to what an appropriate price would be.Based on the ingredients and the small amount of compound the price was disgraceful. They also neglected to inform or provide a method of administration.I would never bring my business to such a callous, disrespectful and unprofessional pharmacy.Diane TibaldiDaughter of V A TIbaldi RPhBirchwood PharmacyBayside, NY